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Refund Policy

Our Refund Policy

On this page we are going to inform you about our refund policies. Click Here to Read Our Privacy Policy

Refund Policy Terms

Web Care House REfund Policies are as follows read them carefully before ordering:

  • Customer can ask for the order cancelation within 3 Days, After 3 days 25% amount of total project amount should be subtract from it. (In case of no advance customer is bound to pay 25% of total project amount).
  • If customer can ask for the order cancelation after 1 Week, 50% of total project amount should be subtract from it. (In case of no advance customer is bound to pay 50% of total project amount).
  • After 12 days if customer ask to cancel the order, no amount will be refund to it.
  • No Logins or Customer assets handed over to him, before clearing all the dues of Web Care House.
  • For Refund or Cancelation of order within the time frame, Customer need to inform our team by call us +92 3084184151 (WhatsApp Available) or mail us support@webcarehouse.com.
  • Refund will automatically deposited in customer provided bank account within 2-3 Working days (Customer can also pick refund in the form of cash from company by providing the proof slip of order cancelation).

Place Order at Web Care House

How to Place Order:

  • Placing order at Web Care House is very easy, you just need to contact our support or physically visit our office and explain about your order or requirements.
  • Explain your all requirements properly and decide your budget.
  • Our team also help you to make your requirements more accurate and functional.
  • For placing order you should need to deposit at least 25% of whole project decided amount for starting work on it.
  • After placing order at Web Care House, you will get your unique Order ID and amount deposit slip.
  • Note: All the requirements mentioned on your order slip will be followed or done by us, Any Amendment in the project, order or scope will be charged separately.